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UFW, Ubuntu, and firewall logos on dark grey background
Allow SMB in UFW

Allow SMB traffic in UFW on Ubuntu & Debian.

White Bash Logo
Check Exit Status of Bash Command in a Script

Check a Bash command exit status in a script.

Blue KDE Logo
Configure Screen Locking Shortcut in KDE

Learn to configure the screen locking shortcut in KDE.

Python logo and red trash can
Delete Files Older than X Days in Python

Create a Python script to delete files older than x days.

Clock and calendar image with crontab -e as text
Open Crontab with Nano

Learn how to use nano to edit crontab files.

AWS CloudFront logo on grey background
Invalidate CloudFront Objects with Boto3

Learn to Invalidate CloudFront objects by paths with Boto3.

XML logo and Python logo on dark grey background
Encode Strings for XML with Python

Properly format strings for XML with Python.

JavaScript logo and function text on grey background
Write Self-Executing JavaScript Functions

Make variable maintenance easier with self-executing functions.

JavaScript logo and _blank as text
Use Javascript to Open a Link in a New Tab

Opening a link in a new tab with JavaScript is very straight-forward.

Python logo and basic Python class
Use Class Inheritance in Python

Class inheritance is an important concept in Python.

AWS S3 logo on blue and grey background
Use Boto3 to HEAD S3 Objects

Learn to HEAD S3 objects with Python & Boto3

Python logo with @staticmethod as text
Use Class Methods in Python

Create alternate constructors for a class.

JavaScript Logo and child class as text on blue background
Use Class Inheritance in JavaScript

Learn to use class inheritance & reduce code.

Python logo and argparse example on purple and grey background
Learn to Use Argparse for Python

Accept command line arguments in your Python script.

Python logo and example operator filter
Sort a List of Objects by Attribute in Python

Use the operator module to sort by object attributes.